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No Slip. No Bounce. All Polarised. All Fun.

Stephen Lease was an avid runner equipped with all the running gear he could get his hands on, when he seemed to realise that runners weren’t wearing overpriced high-performance running glasses but just cheap pairs from discount stores. He saw the opportunity for stylish, fun, functional, affordable shades in the running community and launched Goodr.

Goodr was launched in March 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign, shipping badass sunnies from an apartment along with his high school friends and co-founders Ben Abell and Keri Blunt. For the first two years of Goodr, the trio worked full-time jobs whilst growing the brand to the success it is today.

Expanding to over 1,500 stores in 30 different countries, as well as collaborating with major brands such as Warner Bros, The Rolling Stones, and Dunkin’ Donuts, Goodr has become an overnight success. Their high quality sunnies have won several awards including:

  • Runner’s World Gear of the Year (twice!)
  • PGA Buyer’s Choice
  • Men’s Health Best Buy

And in CEO (Chief Executive Octopus) Stephen Lease’s words “We sell fun, not eyewear

Born on the trails of the French Alps and race approved around the world.

Redefining a hydration pack or technical garment comes from asking the “right questions”, introducing analytical observations & first hand experience in running the toughest conditions. At the heart of each revolutionary INSTINCT product is the desire to achieve a greater degree of function, accessibility and ergonomics; Total liberty of movement, zero obstruction and a second skin fit.INSTINCT promises absolute attention to user needs through constant presence with athletes & runners like yourself. Relentless testing leads to ideal fit, function and durability.

Side on an INSTINCT product and we’re sure you’ll discover an all new experience.

Victus Sport


More than a registered INSTINCT trademark, BE INSPIRED represents their initiative & commitment towards improved & more environmentally friendly production methods and actions.

This vision will be an integral part of INSTINCT's future product developments. Their love for nature must go beyond their mutual appreciation for the trails; And beyond the excitement around ever more technical gear.

Nature is our playground and source of inspiration. It’s to be respected with actions to protect it….now.


Whether it be our oceans, beaches, or trails, our surroundings are devastatingly impacted by plastic pollution. It’s impossible to miss. Such represents a morbid trace of our negligence. Close to one million plastic bottles are sold per minute in the world.

Only 1/5 of all plastic is recycled.


It’s obvious that turning around the current situation will take phenomenal effort, but each contribution is important. Starting in 2020, part of INSTINCT's products will be produced with recycled polyester. Their Duffel Pack 45 liter leads this initiative. Each material is GRS certified. Reducing their carbon footprint by using materials produced with recycled plastics is one of the many possible solutions that can make an immediate & positive impact.


The goal of the GRS is to increase use of recycled materials in products & reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production².

In part, its objectives are to:

- Track & trace recycled input materials
- Provide customers (brands & consumers)with a tool to make informed decisions
- Reduce harmful impact of production to people & the environment
- Provide assurance that materials in the final product is actually recycled & sustainably processed
- Drive innovation in addressing quality issues in the use of recycled materials


More than a technical brand on a mission, INSTINCT has a unique business model in tune with the market:

- No seasonal color changes.
- Quality products that last.
- European manufacturing of apparel
- A stable, fair & long term brand strategy
- No over production = No destocking, NO Black Fridays, & no over consumption