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HALO Sport

HALO has created a product, alongside medical professionals, that has been designed to help defeat dehydration.

HALO has a proprietary blend of natural electrolytes, 72 trace minerals, vitamins which boost immunity and help maintain energy and metabolism all whilst only having 1g of natural sugar and just 15 calories (and tastes great!). HALO has been proven to hydrate you 5x faster than water.


Andy Murray

Andy Murray came across HALO this year and loved the concept, so he invested in the company and has become the global face of the brand. He has already started using HALO as part of his daily hydration routine and can't wait for the rest of the UK to try it too!

Emerson Palmieri, 2021 Champions League winner from Chelsea FC has also invested in HALO and will act as an ambassador for the UK.

HALO will also be the hydration partner for the Spartan Games, as well as the hydration partner for the ultramarathon series: Ultra X.


HALO Sport Stick

The vitamins and minerals your body craves, formulated with ionic electrolytes for refreshingly complete hydration in a delicious, low-calorie package.

  • Low Sugar
  • 15 calories per stick and 1g of natural sugar
  • Efficient Hydration
  • 72 Trace Minerals
  • Hydrates 5x Faster Than Water
  • Ionic Electrolytes and Minerals
  • Antioxidant

Browse the HALO Hydration collection, and start your hydration journey here.