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April Bontoft | Ultra Runner

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About Me - I started Ultra-Running back in 2018 when I took part in my first event, the 100km day thames path challenge race, I then went on to compete in a couple of local london 50km races in 2019 including the twilight ultra marathon which I came in 2nd female.

2020 was a difficult year and like most people no races took place due to COVID, so I took part in a few of my own challenges at home such as 10 half marathons in 10 consecutive days (with the aim of all being under 2 hours) which I completed. I then signed up for Ultra x Jordan in June 2021 which I have just finished 4 weeks ago. I came in 9th female, 3rd in my age category and I have qualified for Ultra X World Champs in Slovenia in 2022.

Interesting Fact - I have a huge obsession with Peter Andre, embarrassingly I have met him and been to see him in concert over 10 times.

Steve Smith | Ultra Runner

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About Me - I’m Steve, 34, and an ultra runner from Leicester. Originally an avid football player, my passion turned to running a couple of years ago. I only tend to get excited by difficult challenges, which is why I lean to ultra marathons and races with a lot of elevation. Although not my furthest distance, I’d say my greatest sporting achievement would be the 50k I ran in lockdown at my local country park: 10x5k loops up, over and around one of the highest points in Leicestershire, a lot of elevation in a relatively short distance!

Interesting Fact - I have never ran a marathon, only ultras

Craig Tye | Ultra Runner

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About Me - Hi, I’m Craig. I’m a born and bred Yorkshireman now living down south, mostly found out on the Kent trails. I ran my first half marathon in October 2019 and exactly a year later I toed the line of my first 100 mile ultra. I don’t have a favourite distance but I have completed multiple marathons and ultra marathons both official and unofficial ones. Nothing beats a day out on the trails, it's the perfect headspace. I’m a big believer in good physical health.

My greatest achievement to date is finishing my 100 mile ultra, I always thought this was a distance only completed by elite athletes. Now, I know you can do anything you want, as long as you really want it.

Looking to 2022 and beyond I want to refine my training and hit my races stronger and maybe, just maybe… injury free!

Interesting Fact - My first ever Ultra in 2020 was unplanned, I set off at sunrise and just decided to keep going until sunset using local shops as aid stations. I ended up covering 50 miles. My previous longest distance before this was a marathon.

Rosie Holliday | Ultra Runner

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About Me - I am a trailer runner from Cumbria who loves to be in the Lake District Fells with my son, husband and dog. I have been running for eight years and have competed in a variety of distances from 5km to up 50 miles, by my favourite distance is 50km.

In 2019, I gave birth to my son and now try to balance life as a Mum with my passion for running. 2021 was a really special year for me, with my first three podium finishes and a new PB over half marathon and 50 mile distances. I think my greatest achievement was running the Lakeland 50 when I was 10 weeks pregnant. In early 2022 I have the Grizedale marathon and then I will start training for my 3rd Lakeland 50 which takes places in July.

Interesting Fact - I am a PE teacher and mental health first aider at a local secondary school.

Damian Carr | Ultra Runner

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About Me - Hi I'm Damian, an ultra runner from the Midlands. In fact I love any distances, any surfaces and in any weather. This year I made my breakthrough when I produced the 4th best uk performance in history in the 24hr format. My dream is to represent GB. I also serve with the british army reserves. I started running as an escape. I did a tour of iraq with the British forces in 2003 and was struggling on return. Running saved me. What I like best about running is the community, so special to me. Also I love to race. My favourite is the Black Canyon 100k in Arizona.

Interesting Fact - I took the wrong turn, every year, for the last 3 years in the SAME race... lol 

Michele Padovan | Triathlete

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About Me - I was born in Brazil to a family of Italian descendants, and I've been living in London since 2014. Besides endurance sports, I am a Scientist currently working in public health. To date, I've completed 7 long-distance triathlons (3.8k swim; 180k bike; 42k run) among multiple other shorter distance ones. My goal this year is to do a sub 11h Ironman race and a 70.3 (half-distance ironman) PB. 

Interesting Fact -  I've never done any kind of competitive sports before age 27. I was introduced to triathlon through my swim coach (who was himself a former pro triathlete) in 2010. He then invited me to a session with the team and there I had to do a 3km run test. It was my first ever run and I thought I'd die in that test.  

Bethan Male | Ultra Runner / Triathlete

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About Me - I first got into endurance sport when I could finally run after an long ankle injury and signed up for my first triathlon. Since then, I have completed a sub 10 hours Ironman as well as winning the Lakeland 50 and UK 100k ultra marathons, and run a 2:51 marathon. After attempting my first 100 miles this year which was going really well until an acute quad injury saw me DNF at 75 miles, I’ll be giving 100 miles another go next year. I will also be doing some other ultras, probably some triathlon and bike racing as well as hopefully some off-road bike adventures. 

Interesting Fact - I have a dachshund that also enjoys running.