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Jim Walmsley Maurten XMiles

MAURTEN: Welcomes, Jim Walmsley. Officially

Maurten could not be more excited to officially welcome one of the biggest names in the world of endurance, Jim Walmsley. A true phenomenon, Jim set the course record on the iconic Western States 100 and earned consecutive ’UltraRunner of the Year’ honors – on Maurten.

In between training at his home in Flagstaff, Arizona, Maurten caught up with him to bounce a couple of questions around running and what fuels him when he's out there:

Jim - Maurten

What's ultrarunning to you?
– Ultrarunning has become an important part of my life as a way to explore, adventure and add a more flexible structure to a goal oriented approach to my running. For me, the process of running trails and prepare for the mountains is very motivating. I love that it takes a lot of scientific approach out of the training process and adds a bit of an art element to it. 

What keeps you going during those extreme runs?
– I have been a runner most of my life, growing up in the American track system through high school and NCAAs with some alright results. I first started trail running about six years ago while living in Montana. For me, it became a way to combine my recent fitness of college running with a sense of exploration and a way to find adventure in the beautiful state of Montana. I've always loved the long runs. Now, I get to double down on that and embrace that side of training. On race day, you know it's going to hurt and you know you are going to test your limits that day. It is never easy, but it is always worth that challenge.

Why Maurten?
– Maurten is so exciting because they are really leading the way on nutrition development to push human limits in running. Over the last couple of years I have used Maurten consistently and since nutrition is so closely linked to the performance in ultrarunning I am excited to further help Maurten in continuing to stretch the boundaries of what you can do as a runner.

Looking forward, what's your biggest goals and challenges?
- I hope to get back to some of the bigger races we've all missed in 2020. I look forward to going back to UTMB as well as attacking the world record in the road 100K once more. I love the versatility of trying to balance such extremes of ultrarunning.

Jim - Maurten

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