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COROS's app is an essential part of their training solution, and their latest version brings significant upgrades to you how you manage your watch and utilize your data. With a redesigned Progress page designed to help you achieve your goals, to a seamless navigation experience in the all-new Explore page, their new app brings many significant improvements to your entire COROS experience.

What's new?

Insights at first sight

From the moment you open the app, the all-new Progress page gives you instant access to your recent activities, sleep tracking data, Training Status and much more. You can also customize your view to prioritize the information you need the most.

COROS Progress Page

All-New Explore Page

Whether you're running or biking, plot your path, see the distance, check the elevation profile and sync to your watch with our simple and intuitive Explore page.

COROS Explore Page

Running Fitness

Every runner is different, and every runner has different strengths and weaknesses. The all-new Running Fitness system will help you understand how you're performing across four core running abilities: Base, Endurance, Speed, and Sprint

COROS Running Fitness

Training Status

Using a combination of Base Fitness and Load Impact data, your Training Status provides a snapshot of your fitness so you can easily see if it's improving or declining, and how well you are managing fatigue.

COROS Training Status
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