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XMiles range of branded premium quality nutritional supplements designed for the athlete.

READ MORE Why should you use supplements?

Endurance athletes are constantly on the search of optimal performance and how they can train effectively whether they will be out there racing, attempting a FKT or smashing a personal best. 

But to make it possible, athletes face many challenges trying to achieve a good balance between keeping up with a non-stop lifestyle (often involving high stress factors), eating healthy and recovering properly. 

When it comes to recovery, nutrition and rest are no doubt key. 

Supplements promote muscle regeneration, glycogen restoration, reduced fatigue, and support the immune system, which helps the athlete get ready for the next competition or training session.

Endurance athletes face a variety of nutritional challenges, especially during a competitive season. Emerging evidence suggests that Vitamin D, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, among other supplements and antioxidants, are packed with beneficial micronutrients that helps to promote recovery. 

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