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Recovery Drinks

Recovery is key to any training routine, getting what your body needs at the right time is key. Protein is the key to your recovery.

Consuming carbs after exercise replenishes the muscles by replacing the glycogen lost during a workout. Pair carbs with protein and you have the best recovery potential for tired muscles.

READ MORE Why should you recover?

We all know that regular exercise is great for our bodies, but it can also be hard on our bodies. When we work out, we put a lot of strain on our muscles and joints, which can lead to inflammation and pain.

What if there were a way to enjoy the benefits of exercise without having to sacrifice your mobility? Well, there is! Recovery nutrition is a delicious way to help your body recover from a tough workout or long day. With just the right combination of protein and carbohydrates, recovery bars, drinks and gels help you feel refuelled and ready to take on whatever comes next. 

What's the difference between recovery bars and recovery powder?

Although both products are designed to help your muscles recover after a tough workout or long day, recovery bars have a texture that's similar to your favourite snack bar. Recovery powder is made for mixing with liquid, so you get all of its benefits with no added texture. How do you choose? It's up to you! If you like bars and want the convenience of being able to take them anywhere with you, try out recovery bars. Or if you prefer to mix things into your water bottle or smoothie, try out recovery powder instead.

OTE Soya Protein
Protein Rebel
Veloforte Vita
  • Mountain Fuel Recovery Drink Hot Chocolate Night Fuel Sachet XMiles
    Mountain Fuel

    Night Fuel Sachet


    Description About Mountain Fuel Night Fuel Sachet is perfect for consuming over multiple nights in a row when training for an endurance event. ...

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  • Hammer Nutrition Recovery Drink Chocolate Recoverite Sachets XMiles
    Hammer Nutrition Recovery Drink Recoverite Sachets XMiles
    Hammer Nutrition

    Recoverite Sachets


    Recoverite bestows a unique and powerful combination of carbohydrates and protein, in the ideal 3:1 ratio, to provide the essential elements for op...

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