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XMiles has the biggest selection of sports nutrition brands and products for every discipline to choose from, PLUS Exclusive Brands only available from XMiles UK. Our nutrition has been sorted for pre, during and post activity and for all kinds of dietary requirements, no matter your level. Our aim is to provide the best information, advice and nutrition for all your Energy, Hydration, Supplementation and Recovery needs.  

Our curated Monthly Nutrition Box, contains the best picks of the month from our in-store nutritional advisor. Check out our latest Monthly Nutrition Box featuring a range of gels, bars, drinks and chews. 

  • Hüma Gels Apples & Cinnamon Huma Gel: Original - 44g XMiles
    Hüma Gels Huma Gel: Original - 44g XMiles

    Huma Gel: Original


    Description About Huma Hüma is an all-natural, great tasting energy gel based on Chia seeds. With so many great flavours, we understand that yo...

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