Instinct / Intune

“You’re in full run. Your heart is pounding and the adrenaline is rushing. Your feet prance around all obstacles. You’re “in the zone.” Free of any distractions, you’re as one with nature. Slide into an InStinct apparel and embrace a world of greater proprioception, liberty of movement and function. Welcome to a “trail” that leads to increased comfort, support and pleasure. Listen to your instinct and express yourself. Thats why I created InStinct.”
Sean Van Court – Trail Runner Enthusiast

InTune offers a line of accessories for those who have an active, dynamic and “connected” lifestyle.

InTune designs products that are practical, versatile, easy to use, reliable, functional and comfortable.

At InTune, the product development team run, ride, hike and much more. This keeps them alert at all times as to what they think can make every person’s athletic outing more pleasant. On the go all the time, they put emphasis on easy to use products that are functional and versatile. Whether it be for 1hr runs or 24hr races, their products need to live up to your expectations ! As consumers, we strongly believe in offering high quality and high value products.