Huma Gel: Original - Box (24 x 44g)

Hüma is an all-natural, great tasting energy gel based on Chia seeds.

Based on sports nutrition research demonstrating that a 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio increases carbohydrate absorption

Taste Great

  • 100% real fruit: gives a 100% real taste
  • Zero Added Flavourings: no artificial or “natural” flavourings
  • No unpleasant aftertaste
  • Ground Chia: no seeds that can stick in your teeth

100% All-Natural

  • Real Food: you can pronounce all our ingredients
  • Smooth Consistency: easy to swallow
  • Zero Stomach Issues: no nausea, no toilet runs
  • Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly

Made with Chial

  • Tarahumara and Aztec endurance fuel
  • Omega-3’s fatty acids - reduce inflammation
  • higher antioxidant profile than blueberries
  • 1g of complete protein per gel
  • 25% soluble fiber - this absorbs water which can help reduce hunger and regulate sugar absorption
Directions: 1 Packet 15 minutes prior to exercise. 1 Packet every 30-45 minutes during exercise. Always consume with water.

Box of 24: (Flavours)

Apples & Cinnamon
Lemonade (25mg) caffeine
Raspberries (25mg) caffeine
Chocolate (25mg) caffeine
Café Mocha (50mg) caffeine