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Effective, high-quality & affordable recovery tools that stand the test of time.

As they design and manufacture their products in house, they are able to back the build quality of every single device. Each product comes with a two year warranty as a clear sign of this commitment. Their commitment to only using high quality materials promotes sustainability, and they reduce wastage wherever possible.

DISCOVER MORE ABOUT FLOW Powerful, Lightweight Sports Massager

Having multiple devices allows our customers to choose a device that is right for them, whether they are an Olympian, physio or amateur athlete. Flow are actively designing more products to release to create even greater choices.


The Flow MINI is small but high-powered sports massager that is quiet yet lightweight. Perfect for warming up muscles pre-workout, reducing muscle soreness post-workout, or just loosening up tight muscles to provide pain relief. With 3 different massage level along with the Flow Wave Mode™ and 4 head attachments, the Flow MINI offers a fully customisable experience for any athlete. Weighing only 800g and operating under 60dB, the Flow MINI is lightweight and quiet enough to be used on the go, making it the perfect travel companion.

Box Includes:

  • Flow MINI
  • A/C Wall Charger
  • 4 Flow Heads
  • User Guide
  • Stickers


Things are heating up! The world's first massage gun to have an inbuilt smart heat therapy element.The NANO's 3 power levels of percussion therapy allow the users to have a deep tissue massage whenever, wherever.

Box Includes:

  • Flow NANO
  • A/C Wall Charger
  • 4 Flow Heads
  • User Guide
  • Stickers



Weighing only 800g (1.8lbs) along with its slim design, makes it the perfect travel companion for on the go pain relief that fits easily in your hand.


With its 3-hour battery life, the Flow MINI can work for an entire week without charging and can be fully charged in as little as 4 hours.


The ultra-quiet high-torque patented motor works below 60 dB, making the Flow MINI one of the quietness sports massagers on the market.


With 3 different massage levels and the new Flow Wave Mode™, your massage is fully catered to you.


The Flow MINI comes with 4 different Flow Heads™ – Hammer, Bullet, Medium & Fork, making it ideal for use anywhere on the body.


It’s incredibly easy operation, high-tech components, and patented motor were all designed in the UK.

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      Flow Massage Gun Flow Nano Massage Gun XMiles
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