Battleoats Protein Cookie

Battle Oats

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1 - 4 £1.50 ea
5 - 9 £1.43 ea
10 - 14 £1.40 ea
15 - 15+ £1.35 ea

Three great cookies to choose from and you’ll also be glad to know it’s gluten free and cookie jar friendly too.

So, dismiss the daydreams of cookies at night and delve in to cookie dreamland by enjoying Battle Oats cookies on the go, all day long!

Key Facts:

  1. 10g Protein Per Cookie
  2. 8g Fibre Per Cookie
  3. Vegan
  4. Gluten Free
  5. Non GMO
  6. Cookie Jar Friendly
  7. Baked Fresh
  8. Sustainable Palm Oil
  9. Plant-Based Protein

Mocha Chocolate Chip

‘Mmm…mmm…mocha!’ is what you’ll mumbling.

Our rich blend of full bodied ingredients, coupled with our soft-baked, crumbly vegan friendly cookie recipe, will ignite your coffee cravings to a whole new level. This protein cookie is one delectable and addictive little morsel.

‘Mmm…mmm…mocha!’ is what you’ll mumbling, once you’ve munched your way through one of our mega mocha chocolate chip protein cookies.

The enriched caffeine aroma and invigorating chocolate concoction will leave you comatosed until the mocha intensity whacks you wide awake and leaves you yearning for more!

Lemon Drizzle Cookies

Delightfully delicate, yet tantalisingly tasty.

Brace yourself for a sharp surge of sweetness, be seduced by the lemony fragrances and add a little drizzle to your life. 

It finally happened. Just when we thought it couldn’t be done, we took a classic (and nostalgic) home-comfort recipe and injected it with our own refreshingly sharp and lively zing to create some serious lemon drizzle flavour.

Delightfully delicate, yet tantalisingly tasty, each bite of this protein cookie will spawn a zesty rainbow in your mouth and each vegan friendly cookie crumb will transform into a tingling pot of gold on your tongue!

Double Chocolate Protein Cookie

Mounds more chocolate, miles more moreish!

It’s hard to topple a classic. The only thing favourable to a chocolate chip cookie is…a double chocolate chip cookie. That’s right, mounds more chocolate, making it miles more moreish.

The depth of deliciousness will satisfy any chocoholic. Crafted with care and fine-tuned to perfect the ratio of protein to chocolate, this cookie commands respect. It may also command ice-cold milk to ripple through the cookie’s valleys, during consumption, but that’s up to you.

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