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XMiles Accessories


XMiles believe that accessories can make all the difference in your performance. With Sunglasses to protect your eyes while outdoors, Water Bottles to keep you hydrated, Belts and Arm Pockets to carry your valuables on your journeys, and Sports Watches to track and record your activity, XMiles have all the accessory essentials you need. 

The COROS GPS Sports Watches contain a range of health and wellness features including accurate key metric estimations, alongside the functionality of a regular Smart Watch, making it the perfect training partner for any athlete. Find out more about how a COROS Watch can improve your training here. 

  • FlipBelt Flasks FlipBelt Water Bottle XMiles
    FlipBelt Flasks FlipBelt Water Bottle XMiles

    FlipBelt Water Bottle

    from £8.95

    FlipBelt Water Bottle Sleek Water Bottles for Running Staying hydrated while running, working out and being active is critical, but carrying a wate...

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    from £8.95
  • Maurten Flasks Black Water Bottle 500ML XMiles

    Water Bottle 500ML


    Description About Maurten Water Bottle 500ML Recyclable polycarbonate bottle according to EU regulation 2011/10 with a volume of 500 ml. Easy t...

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