Athlete Profile - Rob Downs

Athlete BIO: Rob Downs

Club: Wilmslow RC

England Masters XC | GB Masters Mountain Running

PBs (all at age 45)
- 5Km 16:02
- 10km 33:01
- 10M 54:44
- HM 1:11:29
- Marathon 2:33:23

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Event -International - Marathon


Distance - 26.2 miles

DATE: 2016

Event Profile

Typical training week (40-50 MPW)


Monday: 5-10M tempo/fartlek trail

Tuesday: Club intervals e.g. 16x 400 or 32x 200 or 7x 1km or hill reps

Wednesday: 12M steady / progressive

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5-10M tempo/fartlek trail

Saturday: parkrun 5km (or rest if racing Sunday)

Sunday: 2h30 (14-20M) on hilly trails (or race)

I train off road when possible mainly on rough trails through woods, hills, tow paths etc. with some tarmac in winter. I try to train with a fairly hard level of effort only easing off for recovery runs after races or if really tired. I run plenty of mainly local races.

Like many runners I have to fit training around work, family and races. I try to make this a positive as I’m forced to swap things around and concentrate on quality over quantity.



My focus races for 2016 were;

  • London Marathon (2:35:39 161st 2nd V50)
  • Wilmslow Half Marathon (1:15:33 35th 1st V50)

In preparation I raced the Stockport Trail HM (1:17), Salford 10k (34:20) and Liverpool HM (1:14).


I try to eat a healthy but regular diet. I avoid sugar, salt and processed foods as far as possible without making a fuss.

Breakfast: muesli, banana, coffee

Snack: Peanut Butter (PB) bagel or nuts, coffee

Lunch: sardines or avocado or egg on wholemeal toast

Dinner: salmon, roast veg. (sweet potatoes, peppers, red onions etc.), brown whole rice. Greek yoghurt with muesli and nuts.

I drink plenty of water and coffee. I don't drink much alcohol, typically 3 glasses wine and one beer per week. I don't use any supplements or nutrition products. But I am partial to Chia Charge and Meridian peanut butter (PB).

Pre-marathon Nutrition

Same as usual diet but larger portions day before and plenty of water.

Race breakfast: PB bagel, banana, coffee, Trek energy bar (dates, cacao)

During race: 3 x Dextro glucose sweets, occasional water swigs when thirsty. (No gels, no Lucozade)

Post-race: Water, banana, Chia Charge bar, PB bagel, pint of London Pride, mushroom pizza

Marathon Tips

Build up gradually to making your long runs hard - off road, hills, bad weather, fast finishes, fast surges, no food, no water, parkrun or XC day before - you're training for a hard race! Do some steady-paced tempo runs at HM pace effort building up from 5M to 10-12M. Try to run all races at maximum effort. Back off with niggles and rest if injured or consistently tired. Mix it up a bit and don't be slave to a plan.

Read about some of the great athletes of the past like Steve Jones, Emil Zatopek, Abebe Bikila etc. - take some inspiration into your own marathon

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