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Why Protein Rebel?

Why Protein Rebel?

Protein Rebel was founded in response to the chemical-laden, hard-to-digest and unsustainable protein powders that dominate the market. The co-founders – Liz and Tim – realised there must be more natural and easy-to-digest alternatives for helping endurance athletes to recover faster from exercise while building muscle strength. So, Protein Rebel was founded in August 2020 with three 100% natural protein powders that are gentle on the stomach and kind to the planet.

Benefits of Protein Rebel’s Powders

Scott Hall with Reload Protein Rebel Tub

The Right Quantity of Protein

All Protein Rebel’s powders contain at least 20 grams of complete protein per serving which helps promote muscle protein synthesis (MPS) – any less just doesn’t work. The act of MPS repairs muscle fibres after exercise, making you stronger while reducing the risk of injury.


Many big brand products contain large quantities of hard to pronounce ingredients and artificial colours and preservatives. This creates a chemical factory in your stomach, making the products hard to digest. And this is one reason why over a quarter of marathon runners and 70 per cent of ultra-runners report gastrointestinal (GI) issues. By only focusing on all-natural ingredients and ensuring the protein powders are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO, they are far easier to digest. Importantly, whey is avoided as it’s known to cause health issues including bloating and acne.

Includes Effective New Proteins

Two products are vegan, using a proprietary blend of plants to create the right balance of amino acids to form a complete protein. Protein Rebel is also pioneering new types of proteins, and has brought to market the U.K’s first cricket-based protein powder. The team is working with several Universities to evaluate its effectiveness and their promising research has already shown that cricket protein is easier to digest than whey.


100% natural ingredients are used so you have the peace of mind knowing there’s no rubbish going into your body. The powders are also without fillers and gums, such as guar gum and Xanthan gum, which can also cause digestion issues.

No Added Sugar

With many sports nutrition products containing added sugar this puts endurance athletes are at high risk of dental decay and blood sugar spikes. All products have no added sugar.


Protein Rebel has chosen ingredients that have a low impact on the environment. In fact, choosing a tub of plant and cricket-based Reload saves 44kg of CO2 compared with an equivalent tub of whey. Recyclable packaging is used and each tub bought saves 1m2 of threatened habitat. Protein Rebel wants to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Which powder is right for you?

Protein Rebel

Protein Rebel provides three different protein powders to support your whole training regime, including before and after endurance exercise, after strength training and during your rest time.

Recover – This is vegan and is both high protein and high carbs, making it great for before and after endurance exercise to repair muscle fibres, refuel glycogen stores and help you to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Reload – Containing a blend of pea protein and powdered crickets, this is high protein (including 3.3g BCAAs) and low carbs. It’s a great alternative to whey for repairing muscle fibres after strength training and contains a natural prebiotic supporting gut health. It’s also high in Iron and Vitamin B12 to support general wellbeing.

Replace – A vegan weight management powder for use at any time to keep protein levels high and to fill you up. It’s high protein and high fibre and contains VitB12, zinc and riboflavin, supporting overall health. Athletes should consume protein every 3 hours and so Replace is ideal for helping to reach your daily protein goals.

Who uses Protein Rebel?

Protein Rebel Athletes

Endurance athletes looking to recover quicker, get stronger and faster, and who want to reduce risk of injury. This includes GB triathletes, IRONMAN athletes, ultra-runners, trail runners, cyclists, outdoor adventurers and CrossFitters.

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