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What nutrition should I try on Fuel Friday?

What nutrition should I try on Fuel Friday?

If you are looking to excite your taste buds and improve your nutrition intake over these winter months, then you may want to look at our suggested nutrition for Fuel Friday:


Unived - Elite Gel

Based in India, Unived create all things natural and vegan. Their elite range includes gels, energy drinks, recovery drinks and more. Their Elite Gel is one of the best gels on the market today. Packing a whooping 45g of carbohydrates, in a 2:1 carbohydrate ratio (30g simple to 15g complex carbs). This energy gel will most certainly be perfect for your long runs, featuring 528mg of electrolytes to keep you hydrated out on your runs.

What do we think?

XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – Brilliant gel and an excellent taste. My personal favourite is the Double Espresso, for that added caffeine and extra push – Ant 

What do our customers think? - Matthew rated this product ★★★★★ - Great gel - amazing taste! Not much more to say, really love these and would recommend someone giving them a try if they haven't.

Mulebar – Energy Fruit Pulp

This fruit pulp is exactly what it says, it is half mixed fruit, half rice syrup to give you a boost during any session. Consume in two or three times thanks to its closable lid and place it in the back pocket of a cycling jersey or running back pack. Exclusive in the UK through XMiles. 

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – Excellent tasting product, and completely different to anything currently on the market – Matt

Hüma – Low Calorie Energy Drink

Huma Low Cal Drink Mix

This Electrolyte Drink Mix Powder is scientifically formulated to resemble the sweat-loss profile of athletes so you can maximize your workouts, increase your energy, and feel better before, during, and after exercise. Exclusive in the UK through XMiles. 

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★ – Very good energy drink, with added electrolytes. – Hazel

OTE – Super Carbs

OTE Super Carbs

Packing a solid 80g of carbohydrates in 500ml of naturally flavoured Lemon & Lime or blackcurrant drink, this drink gives you double the energy in just one bottle. Designed and developed by the sports nutritionists at OTE Sports, Super Carbs is a high-performance energy drink formulated with a dual energy source in the form of maltodextrin and fructose.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – Excellent fuel from OTE. The best flavour is Blackcurrant for me. – Reece


Hammer Nutrition – Recoverite

Hammer Nutrition Recovery Drink

A new addition to XMiles, Hammer Nutrition offers some brilliant products including their Recoverite. This recovery drink helps post session muscle soreness and restores muscle glycogen, made completely with natural ingredients. Supplying carbohydrates and protein in an ideal 3:1 ratio.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – Recoverite from Hammer suits all my needs, and really helped my recover after a long, long session. Chocolate is my preferred flavour – Ant

Unived – Elite Recovery Mix

Unived Recovery

If you’re looking to get carbs, protein, electrolytes, and essential vitamins back you’re your system once you’ve finished your workout then this drink is for you. Packing 10g of Pea Protein, 610mg of Electrolytes, 500mg of Vitamin C and more, this is one of the greatest recovery drinks on the market today. Exclusive in the UK through XMiles.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – The perfect recovery drink for me, helping hydrate and build muscle straight after a work-out. I love the Vanilla flavour! – Jess

What do our customers think? - Howard rated this product ★★★★★ - I have used the Unived Elite Recovery drink since July 2020, it is easy to take and makes a difference for me, would not use anything else now. I started by buying the pouches but now get the big bag which has 18 servings in it (I think) and gives better value.

Torq – Recovery Plus+

Torq Plus

TORQ Recovery Plus+ is a Hot Cocoa drink containing Beta-Alanine, HMB and Sodium Phosphate, which has been designed for twice-daily use during periods of very intense training stress and during the race season. It also benefits power-based disciplines. 

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – During Marathon training, this is my go-to post-workout drink. Especially during those early months in the year to warm you up  – Ant

XMiles – Selection Boxes

If you can’t make your mind up after all those suggestions, then we think our very-own selection boxes would be the best choice for you;

Our selection boxes are perfect for the everyday runner, cyclist or swimmer looking to up their nutrition game. Featuring a mixture of products so you can try new brands you’d never have thought to try. These boxes also make the perfect Christmas gift for your athletic friends.

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