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UYN Community Mask coming to XMiles

UYN Community Mask coming to XMiles

UYN Ergonomic, Washable, Sustainable Community Mask

UYN the Italian brand has launched production of a new high-tech face mask for sports and community activities and will be available to buy at XMiles in May.

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Trerè Innovation, a leading manufacturer of functional sportswear has developed a new model of face mask as part of the UYN – Unleash Your Nature brand.

UYN - Design


It could be that you are infected with Covid-19 but are not showing any symptoms. You don’t know you’re infected, so you could pass the new coronavirus on to others unnoticed. In order to protect others from infection, you have to wear a face mask. The recommendation is for as many people as possible to wear a face mask, because this at least enables droplets and particles of mucus to be caught to some extent.

The chain of infection is broken. When sneezing, virus droplets can reach a speed of around 45 metres per second without a face mask and fly quite a long way. Generally speaking, people are infected if an infected person speaks, sneezes or coughs in their vicinity. The virus then passes through the air directly onto the mucous membranes of the other person.

Due to worldwide supply bottlenecks of medical and FFP masks and the increasing prices being charged for such masks, it is important to ensure they are primarily made available to medical personnel. This is because the recommended safety distance can rarely be maintained by those working in hospitals, homes or retirement homes.

This is why UYN® has decided to take action. Break the chain with us. Unleash your nature.

The Most Altruistic Thing You Can Do - The Community Mask is not a medical device. Wearing it is not a replacement for following the rules of hygiene and social distancing recommended by the authorities. Wearing the mask does not protect the wearer against contagion, but (by decreasing the range of action of the droplets and mucous particles that can carry the virus) is an altruistic act to protect the people around us. It’s the best thing we can do to restore confidence in interpersonal relationships!

Community Mask

The UYN Community Mask Features

Ergonomic 3D Design

Drawing on the company’s long experience with high-tech fabrics and studies conducted in the AREAS research and development lab, Trerè Innovation has come up with a light, ergonomic face mask that adapts perfectly to the shape of the face to ensure greater efficacy. The fabric is worked in three dimensions, thicker over the nose and mouth to create a barrier that slows dispersion of the saliva droplets that are expelled when we cough, sneeze or speak while permitting easy breathing.

Texlyte Nano: The Ultralight Fibre Preferred By Champion Skiers

UYN - Material

The UYN Community Mask is made out of Texlyte Nano, a high-tech fibre used in the manufacture of functional base layers worn by the champion skiers of the national teams of Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Norway and four other countries. The Oekotex Standard 100 and Bluesign certified material will not cause allergies and is especially recommended for use in products requiring high standards of hygiene. Texlyte Nano is 50% lighter than cotton and 34% lighter than polyester, and is moisture-repellent, thermo-regulating, highly resistant and 100% recyclable, making it one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibres on the market.

Four Sizes, For Adults And Children

UYN Colours

The result is a face mask recommended for use during sporting activity and everyday life in the community. It is not a disposable product, but can be washed at 60° and used again and again, without altering its properties. The refined design, availability of plenty of different sizes for children and adults (four sizes, from XS to L) and different colours  allowing the wearer to feel at ease, so the mask doesn’t feel like a foreign body.

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