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Introducing Hüma Gel

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The XMiles Hüma Gel Story - Introducing Hüma Gel Hüma is a US brand that makes 100% all-natural, great-tasting energy gels. It was started in January 2012 by Ian McCollum and Kevin Sherbourne, two young grad-school students who were tired of awful energy gels. Hüma gels were officially introduced in November 2012 and have since become the best-selling all-natural energy gel!  XMiles connected with Hüma to bring the brand to the UK as sole distributor and retail partner.   SO WHAT DOES HÜMA DO? Like all endurance energy gels, Hüma is a tool for glycogen supplementation. When you exercise for more than 45 minutes, you run the risk of hypoglycemic...

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