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Maurten fuel guidelines for training

Maurten have provided an in-depth fuel guidelines for training, this is to focus on helping athletes understand the benefits and importance of fuelling while training – and the impact that this habit will have on their performance and development as athletes. 

As part of this approach, Maurten have launched their first training bundle called Mix Box. Mix Box contains the right combination of all their products to be used during training conditions.Try Maurten with XMiles the Fuel Pack or Trial Pack from the Maurten Collection at XMiles

Together with the Mix Box, Maurten have launching the fuel guidelines for training.

A major goal of training is to enhance the athletes' physiological systems to work at higher intensities. To achieve this, athletes should combine large volumes of training workouts with intensity levels at or faster than race pace. Using a prescribed carbohydrate fuelling strategy as part of their training program will help athletes optimise their training effort and reduce early performance reductions or fatigue.

 Click on the links to view the fuel guides:

Fuel Guide - Cycling

Fuel Guide - Running

Together with coaches, athletes and nutritionists, Maurten have been able to develop the first fuel guidelines for training – intended to be used as reference by athletes of all levels.

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