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Inspirational Role Model for our Kids - Fearless Frosty

XMiles were very excited to get involved in supporting a fantastic new project via INDIEGOGO in contributing to the campaign for the launch of SisuGirls Series: Fearless Frosty.

Based on the life story of New Zealand's Salomon supported mountain runner Anna Frost, her childhood and growing up in sport is not only an inspiring story but give our children a real 'Role Model' to look up to.

 'A series of books about fearless women to inspire young girls to dream big.'

As parents and keen running fans the ideas of an organisation dedicated to 'encouraging girls to step into themselves through sports and adventure' struck a cord.
With the birth of our daughter we thought a great gift would be to get her a signed copy of the book. (How we wish we purchased more) So about the book, what can we say! A fantastic story to read with your children and as they grow can be enjoyed over and over. Superbly written and with beautiful illustrations it's a joy to own.
Get your copy here


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