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Best Running Nutrition in 2021

2021. Wrapped Up.

The past year has been, well, better than 2020 to say the least. Races and events returned, new records have been broken, and most importantly, new developments in nutrition for running, cycling, swimming and all-round exercise has been continuing to grow, helping you become the best athlete you possibly can become.

We have selected our favourite products from the past year!

Maurten – GEL 100

Maurten Gel 100

Maurten have created THE gel, using their hydrogel technology, you are able to take on 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour. So, what is hydrogel? Hydrogel basically allows your body to smoothly take on carbohydrates, through the stomach into the intestine. This is where the salt, water and carbs are taken in.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – One of my favourite gels, perfect to take on during or before any activity - Matt

What do our customers think? - James rated this product ★★★★★ - Used these for my Maiden marathon last weekend, brilliant product. Easy to open when racing, digested well and gave me the nutritional value I needed to complete the marathon. Used 4 during race. Absolutely recommend, quality is pricey at the end of the day and yes, they might be a bit more expensive, but worth it for a peak race!

Huma Gel - Original

Huma Gel

Huma Energy Gels combine 100% all-natural ingredients and are made with ingredients you can pronounce making Huma one of the best tasting energy gels on the market. There are so many excellent flavours to choose from as well. Exclusive in the UK through XMiles. 

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – This gel is brilliant, and perfect for any vegan looking for that very tasty, all-natural energy gel. – Anthony

What do our customers think? - Tom rated this product ★★★★★ - Huma gels are the bomb. Great flavours and not too sickly. Texture is nice to consume too and very easily goes down mid run. Apple and cinnamon are my favourite.


Coros Pace 2 GPS Watch

The PACE 2 is one the greatest GPS Sport Watches on the market today, this is the perfect training partner. With 20-days of regular battery life, built in power metrics, waterproof of up to 50 metres, advanced training analysis and a whole lot more, there’s no way you can go wrong with the PACE 2.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – After being a long time Garmin user, I made the switch to the COROS in 2021 and haven’t looked back. The battery is amazing, and the running track mode is brilliant - Anthony

What do our customers think? - Denney rated this product ★★★★★ - Got this as a present for my wife and she absolutely loves it. The heart rate training plan was perfect for her, and the battery life is great.

Nuun – Sport Hydration Tabs

Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets

Complete Electrolytes. Clean Hydration. You can’t go wrong with Nuun drink tablets. Made with plant-based ingredients. Nuun Sport provides the perfect balance of ingredients for mineral replenishment and optimal hydration before/during/after your workout.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – The perfect way to get in electrolytes out on a long bike ride during a hot summer’s day. – Hazel

What do our customers think? - Holly rated this product ★★★★ - These are so good! I found the taste a bit weird at first - I hate stevia in all forms and it had a bit of that kind of taste, however the second time I tried them I really liked them, I think you just get used to it and now I love them and really look forward to them after long or hot runs! I find it tastes best if you add ice to your glass and sometimes, I even add a squeeze of lime!

Maurten – Drink Mix 320

Drink Mix 320

If you haven’t tried Maurten during your main races yet, make sure you pick some up in 2022. This is the perfect drink to take on all carbohydrates, making sure you are properly fuelled to smash all your goals. The Drink Mix 320 is the world's most carbohydrate-rich sports drink. Widely used by the best runners in the world.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – A very good energy drink to take out for those long weekend runs, and main races. Easy to mix and carry in a 500ml bottle – Jess

What do our customers think? - James rated this product ★★★★★ - These drinks mixes are great for the morning of the race and the night before to kind of carb load in a clean and sensible way, they take a little getting used to drinking but if mixed how it says on the packet you have no issues.

Squirrel’s Nut Butter

Get rid of all your chafing worries with Squirrel’s Nut Butter. The all-natural, anti-chafe must be anyone’s go to anti-chafing salve. Different types are available, from saddle butter, happie toes and a vegan exclusive. Pick up a pot or stick today and get anti-chafing! Exclusive in the UK through XMiles.

What do we think? - XMiles Team Rating is ★★★★★ – I have been using Squirrel’s Nut Butter for the past 5 years and I have had no issue with it. A brilliant product, which is exclusively stocked by us in the UK – Ant

What do our customers think? - Ed rated this product ★★★★★ - Originally used Bodyglide which is a good product but SNB is simply better. It lasts longer and offers great protection. On 4+ hour runs I've had no issues at all from very cold to hot runs - it works every time. Highly recommended.

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