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Why Balega Running Socks?

Posted by XMiles Team on

XMiles have chosen Belaga for quality as we believe your socks are as important as your trainers - Socks - When and why should I replace my running socks? Balega's socks are the most technically advanced of any on the market. As a brand Balega provides harmony in the fit, feel and performance of their socks that is founded on research, design, technical excellence and durability. Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Cape Town, South Africa, utilizing the best performance yarns made in the United States. The 7 KEY DELIVERABLES of Balega 1. SECOND SKIN FITA sock must fit snugly to ensure...

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Socks - When and why should I replace my running socks?

Posted by Anthony Clark on

Looking after your feet is a number one priority for any runner and whilst we spend a great deal on running shoes and ensuring we replace them in a timely manner, this is not the normal case for our running socks.

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